Gen-Z, Is there anything new for companies to learn for recruiting, engaging and retaining talent?

I've just read another generation workforce stigmatisation article - generation X - Y - Z or whatever .... Here's the full article.

I totally agree that companies need to move with the times and adapt to what attracts and motivates employees, but good chance this research could have shown similar results across the generations. It’s the whole of society that has moved along, not only with the digital age but also with changing working practises, attitudes and career perceptions as a whole. I was using computers and the internet on both a personal and professional level before my 17 year old Gen-Z son was even born, and have also seen marked changes in workforce practises and attitudes across all generations the past couple of decades. Proper research would have surveyed “the other” generations with the same questions alongside to make comparisons, then any findings could be referenced as unique business challenges to Gen-Z that companies need to change and adapt to as the article implies. 

The article then moves on to suggest new employer action plans because of these unknown special traits Gen-Z apparently has, that are so different from the rest of the workforce. So what are some of these new realities about Gen-Z we are being told we need to know about, and how companies should adapt: 

  • “this generation is savvy” (bit condescending to the rest of the workforce)

  • “connect with the Gen-Z as a person and see how she’ll fit into their culture”

  • “create a learning culture”

  • “stay focused on engagement: Once they’re on board, don’t assume Gen Z will stay engaged”. 

Well to be frank none of this is new and unique to one generation, to most these are some of the basics all companies need to get right to communicate and engage with people of all generations in order to attract and retain the best talent. 

If as a company you’ve not already got a learning culture, or you don’t connect with people to see how they’ll fit in your culture, or don’t have good employee engagement, then man, there’s a lot for you to work on already. Companies that are successful in recruiting, engaging and retaining the best talent from all generations are already doing this, nothing new.  

So what the research does show is that some of the basics of great talent acquisition and management haven't changed, and I'm pleased to hear it!

About the author. Shawn Rutter is the Founder of Excelsior Search, a market-leading, niche search company, specializing in international executive search and recruitment solutions for financial technology (fintech), data, and research providers to the global capital markets and investment industry. With experience delivering search assignments across the Americas, EMEA and APAC, he founded Excelsior in 1999, having previously worked as an Army Officer and for the international search firm MRI.  Shawn invites you to connect on LinkedIn.