LinkedIn Group: FinTech Innovation for the Capital Markets, Asset & Wealth Management.

"While the FinTech entrants' greatest impacts to date have been at the retail end of the market, the opportunity for collaboration in capital markets is real and growing". EY.

Take a look at and join this LinkedIn networking group aimed at all those involved in FinTech innovation for the global capital markets and investment industry. The key word above is collaboration, and that is what this group aims to promote, as a starting point to share intelligence on FinTech innovation, with a very specific focus on the investment banking industry and development of this FinTech ecosystem.


The best way one can play a part in the group to help knowledge sharing across the community, is by posting and contributing to discussions. So join, post, share and discuss capital markets FinTech news, white papers, reports, press releases, articles, product information & reviews, awards, funding, hiring, and events etc. This group is not managed by and has no affiliation to any FinTech providers or Banks, so is an independent forum. Banks, investors, FinTech vendors, consultancies, other service providers and innovation labs etc are welcome to promote their company, solutions and services. 

Collaboratively we hope this group will grow as a "go-to hub" for all those involved with FinTech innovation for the capital markets, asset & wealth management.

Feel free to join, contribute, and invite anyone else you know that could benefit from joining this group (and would be a great contributor!).

About the Group Manager. Shawn Rutter is the Founder of Excelsior Search, a market-leading, niche search company, specializing in international executive search and recruitment solutions for financial technology (fintech), data, and research providers to the global capital markets and investment industry. With experience delivering search assignments across the Americas, EMEA and APAC, he founded Excelsior in 1999, having previously worked as an Army Officer and for the international search firm MRI.  Besides joining the group Shawn invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn.