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People are not your most important asset. The right people are.
— Jim Collins


We appreciate that your success depends on the star quality of the people you hire.

The fortunes and careers of fintech company founders, executives and investors are reliant upon the quality of the people they hire.  No matter how much cash is invested, or how great a product or service is, a fintech business cannot become successful without the right workforce to build, sell, deliver and service it.  We appreciate this and it’s why we like to partner with great leadership teams that are fully committed to hiring the best possible talent: the ‘A Players’, the stars, the top 10% who seek out success through their resourcefulness, energy, passion and persistence. 

When we speak with new clients, we tend to hear the real-life experience of working with recruitment services they have ‘put up with’ but that don’t meet their expectations.  Any of the following sound familiar?

  • The company puts up job adverts for the role, thinking it will save money in the longer term to hire directly, but after a few weeks you’re disappointed by the lack of relevant candidates so you explore the alternative of engaging recruiters.

  • You sense the junior recruiters you’re briefing don’t understand the nuances of what you’re looking for, but hope they’ll send you appropriate candidates anyway.

  • You feel you’re spending too much time briefing and debriefing different recruiters, as well as the HR department.

  • Initially you receive quite a few CVs, but after a couple of weeks, the flow of candidates dries up.  The ones you have got don’t jump out as stars, but you go ahead and interview them anyway.

  • The candidates you interview just don’t cut it but it’s all you’ve been supplied, and you wonder ‘what better looks like’.

  • You’ve engaged several recruiters, thinking that will be problem solved.  But ultimately this isn’t the case and you don’t feel any real commitment or accountability from them to deliver.

  • Your favoured candidate suddenly says they’re withdrawing because they’ve accepted another offer, and this is the first you’ve heard of them being advanced in other processes.  You offer your role to another candidate but are again surprised when your offer is turned down.

  • The hiring process staggers on with candidates dripping through, but weeks or months go past and you’re starting to worry about missing your own performance targets, perhaps because product isn’t being built, clients aren’t getting serviced as they should, or you realise you’ll miss company or team sales targets. 

  • Even when you think you’ve finally made a hire, the statistics are still against you as not every hire will work out.  In fact, an extensive study by Leadership IQ showed that, over an 18-month period, a huge 46% of hires were found to be mis-hires

This is why we’ve refined our end-to-end fintech recruiting processes to overcome all these hiring challenges and more.  Streamlining the practice guarantees candidate delivery as well as providing a seamless service that provides executives with peace of mind and security for their hiring needs.  Welcome to fintechSTAR!


Hiring Insights

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fintechSTAR (fintech Search Talent Acquisition Regime) is Excelsior Search’s proprietary search process.  This is our flagship service level, built on our extensive fintech recruitment expertise, and our appreciation of the ‘pain points’ for companies when it comes to hiring through traditional recruitment services.   Refined over the past 20 years and after conducting extensive research to understand where other recruitment services are letting hiring companies down, we’ve designed a ‘bulletproof’ recruitment solution that stands out from our competitors with its ability to deliver more.  fintechSTAR is a fresh new approach to recruitment, a seamless service that provides executives with peace of mind and security – when it comes to both hiring and meeting their own business objectives.

Regime - a system or ordered way of doing things.

Regime - a system or ordered way of doing things.

With fintechSTAR:

  • You’ll be amazed with the results and service you receive, with no retainer required upfront and for much the same price as our competitors who use old broken recruitment business models that don’t operate in your favour.

  • Given our extensive fintech market mapping and deep fintech candidate network, the candidates are quickly engaged for you. 

  • Excelsior Search becomes committed and accountable to you for candidate delivery with an agreed timeframe.  No more waiting around and hoping for great candidates.  In the niche fintech market – where reputation is everything – we can’t afford not to deliver; this hasn’t happened before and we don’t plan on it happening in the future!

  • You’ll notice the candidates you receive reflect quality rather than quantity.  fintechSTAR is a highly targeted and tailored solution approach that uses our vast FinTech recruitment expertise to match the nuances of what you’re looking for in background, experience, competencies and achievements.

  • Our approach ensures the importance of your position is elevated in the eyes of candidates.  This is a key aspect, as most of your ideal candidates will not be actively looking; it’s our approach that will lead them to be motivated by your opportunity.  In addition, we will only present candidates exclusively to you

  • The importance of your positions is elevated, and you are viewed more professionally by committing to and engaging the services of a specialist fintech search consultancy.  (The flip side of this being that it can look quite desperate if you don’t!) 

  • Both you and your candidates are closely engaged throughout the process.  We aim to build a deep rapport between both parties that results in honest open dialogue both ways throughout the meeting process, so there are never any hidden surprises.

  • You’ll save valuable management time and receive additional services free of charge.  How does this work? Have a read of this article: Beyond filling roles: six ways to get extra value out of your recruitment partner.

  • To provide that extra peace of mind, we offer the best candidate replacement warranty in the industry!

We would to love to tell you more about our proprietary search process – most importantly to explain HOW we do things differently to deliver the results we’re promising with fintechSTAR.  If you're intrigued, please do contact us so we can share this detail with you.