CFA Institute FinTech Careers Webinar.

Panelists Shawn Rutter, Managing Director at Excelsior Search, and Justin Zhen, Co-founder of Thinknum discuss opportunities for investment professionals in fintech.

This webcast provides perspectives and insights into the current fintech ecosystem, including what it takes to transition to, and succeed as, investment professionals in fintech careers. 

Click here to access the recorded webcast in the CFA Institute Career Center.

Shawn Rutter is the Founder of Excelsior Search, a market-leading, niche search company, specializing in international executive search and recruitment solutions for financial technology (fintech), data, and research providers to the global capital markets and investment industry. With experience delivering search assignments across the Americas, EMEA and APAC, he founded Excelsior in 1999, having previously worked as an Army Officer and for the international search firm MRI.  Shawn invites you to connect on LinkedIn.