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  1. "Excelsior has given us a service head and shoulders above any other search company"
  2. "I have no hesitation in recommending Excelsior's services to candidates and employers alike"
  3. "A pleasure to work with, more like a partner than a recruitment company"
  4. "I have experienced first
    hand a level of integrity, professionalism and attention to detail that is second to none in the professional search arena"
  5. "The professionalism with which Excelsior represented our company, and the calibre of the candidates that were introduced us to was most impressive"
  6. "A detailed understanding of our market sector, as well as our recruitment needs on a Global scale"
  7. "The quality of candidates presented was extremely impressive and you made the selection process much easier"
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FinTech Sector Focus

Excelsior works in partnership with Financial Technology (FinTech) companies servicing the Global Banking and Securities Industry.  Having an in-depth knowledge of this functional landscape and understanding the nuances between individuals specialising in the many different niche areas, gives Excelsior a unique edge in finding and attracting the best industry professionals for our clients. We partner with clients to recruit from C-Level Executive board positions through to development teams.
The companies that benefit from using our services are solution providers to Investment Banks, Retail Banks, Private Banks, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Brokerages, Exchanges, and corporate finance departments. These companies typically fall into one of four main groups:
FinTech Software Providers
Providing search solutions for financial software companies is our core speciality, covering the range of front, middle and back office functional solutions and related technology services.
Financial Information Providers
Real time news, data, financial analysis and research for the financial markets.
Management Consultancies
Business or technology led consultancies.
Financial Institutions & Exchanges
Financial Institutions and Exchanges providing either electronic trading, clearing, or fund administration type solutions

Position Types

The competitive nature of the FinTech sector means that demand exceeds supply across most company functions and at all levels for the highest performing individuals. Therefore Excelsior offers a ‘total solution’, using search to pro-actively seek out the best talent across all functional areas, levels of employee and geographies.

Profiles  include Chairman, CEO, COO, Managing Director, General Manager, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Client Relationship Management, Software Development, Finance, Product Management, Professional Services and Consultancy.

Given the global nature of this market we have an International Search capability to cover our clients servicing the Worlds financial centres across Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia.
                                                    Executive Team (CEO, COO, CCO, CFO) 
      Global Heads of Professional Service,
                 Development & Support
              Global Sales, Marketing
                 & Finance Directors
              Regional Heads of Service,
               Development & Support
            Regional Sales, Marketing
                  & Finance Manager
> Sales Executives
> Pre-Sales Consultants
> Account & Relationship Managers
> Marketing Managers
> Finance Managers
> Subject Matter Experts
> Project Managers
> Implementation Consultants
> Business Analysts
> Product Managers
> Development
> QA Engineers
> Client Support

Benefits of our Services

We respect the fact that securing the best people is of course crucial to business success, as it is people after all who shape and grow strategy, capital, products and brands.  In order to find the best available talent we pride ourselves on a combination of rigorous search and selection processes with a high level of customer service, but the differentiating power of our search ability is underlined by a sector focus on solution providers for the financial services sector.
  1. Unique Sector Understanding
    Providing search solutions for financial software companies is our particular speciality, covering the range of front, middle and back office functional solutions and related technology services. 
    Track Record of winning and results orientated
    We have proven our value as a trusted search partner that delivers on its promises to
    many market leading companies.
    Access to the right talent
    Our extensive and carefully nurtured global network provides an unparalleled
    “hidden pool of talent” to tap into.  Our Consultants are recognised as market experts,
    and this gives us a distinct competitive edge in correctly identifying and gaining access
    to the most qualified industry professionals for you.
    Ambassadors for our clients
    Our industry reputation, sector knowledge and professional style ensures we present
    our clients opportunity with credibility, generate interest and create the right
    conditions to close the best candidate.

Excelsior's Search Process

Excelsior has a business partnership approach which is based on mutual respect and working as a trusted advisor in collaboration with our FinTech clients at all stages of the search process in order to secure the best available talent in this industry.
Each client is allocated a dedicated consultant experienced in their area of business to execute search assignments from beginning to end; from initial definition meetings, to conducting research, head hunting calls, candidate qualification and management of the interview and offering stages.
In depth study of the position profile and competencies required
We conduct a thorough study of your company, including business strategies and challenges, financial and market position, company culture, role challenges and measures for success in the role.  Our clients usually find our financial technology market expertise particularly useful at this stage in order to refine and crystallise their thoughts about the position, and the type of profile by experience and competencies they would prefer.
Assignment Brief
From our initial requirements study we will put together a written proposal establishing the candidate selection criteria and produce an accurate and comprehensive role and personal specification for you.  The brief will also detail our particular approach and search process for the assignment, including timescales and terms & conditions of business.
The assignment brief is discussed with you, amended if necessary and mutual agreements made.  What we have learnt from the definition stage forms the foundations for the remainder of the search process and creates the conditions for success.  Through our discussions our clients are left with a feeling of confidence in our ability to deliver.
Your Consultant will formulate a search strategy and lead the development of a systematic and comprehensive research stage that lays the foundations for the search, targeting the companies and then the individuals to be approached.  In contrast to many generalist search firms, it is important to know that your nominated Consultant will not just hand over this critical stage to a research team alone, but using his in-depth sector knowledge will conduct this stage supported by the research team in order to leverage to maximum effect his unique knowledge and leave no stone unturned in the search for talent. 
Excelsior has a creative and collaborative culture with mechanisms to encourage the cooperation across the company, so you are engaging the knowledge across an entire firm working in your best interests
Global Network
Excelsior houses a unique proprietary global database built up over the past 10 years, containing details of every industry professional our consultants have either spoken too, interviewed or researched for assignments.  This global intelligence network is a powerful starting tool to build a highly targeted search campaign. 
Excelsior gains strong referrals in this sector through our branding, industry knowledge, reputation and calibre of clientele we have represented over the years.  Referrals are generated through the belief in our own clearly demonstrated commitment to quality, professional competency, industry excellence and time invested in nurturing faithful relationships.
Direct Approach
Excelsior has long been considered to be powerfully effective in the ability of its Consultants to target, connect and develop credible relationships with the right professionals in this industry.  It takes great skill and finesse to present your opportunity in such a credible and compelling way that targeted individuals will respond positively to it, enter our rigourous screening process, and indeed consider making a change. 
Besides direct approaches, incoming enquiries are sometimes generated by referral requests and targeted marketing over the internet such as notices placed within discussion boards of selected industry groups, associations, and job boards.
Interviews & Appraisals – aligned to clients requirements
Our Consultants are constantly appraising individuals in this sector and are therefore well placed to make critical judgements as a consequence of the following types of qualification:
       1.  Understand how their career has developed and the 
             extent of their market knowledge and functional skill set.
       2.  Gaining insight into and quantifying career achievements,
            and the value they have added to each company they have
            worked for. 
       3.  A focus on competency based “how” questioning to
            provide insight into individual behavioural characteristics 
            and way in which they would perform the role.
       4.  Understanding their cultural fit, buying motives, career
            vision and requirements in a company and role.
Besides formal reference checking, given the extended niche market network Excelsior Consultants have, we will where ever possible confidentially seek out informal views and opinions in the market to validate and compliment the judgement of our Consultants.
Mutual Commitments
At the appropriate time the Excelsior Consultant will make a judgement on which individuals are most suited to your role, and at that time present your opportunity for their assessment.  As a knowledge worker the Consultant will be able to credibly address concerns about the opportunity relative to the individuals careers.  The high quality of our two way dialogue greatly increases the prospect of engaging the individuals commitment to the process. 
Short List Presentation
The Consultant will make a definitive decision on which of the candidates are deemed most suitable for presentation to the client.  Additional information  with objective and balanced views of the candidates will be provided, along with any relevant market commentary.
Interview & Assessment
Excelsior will provide further advice as requested, and co-ordinate the entire interview process on behalf of the client.  Both the client and candidates are thoroughly prepared and debriefed for each interview, providing impartial insight from both sides and enabling possible concerns or objections to be discreetly handled and overcome as appropriate.
Position Offer
Following the Clients’ decision on whom to hire, we will if the client wishes, assist in structuring the offer and negotiate with the candidate on the remuneration package, and ensure acceptance proceeds smoothly.  The Consultant has invested in the relationship with the candidate through every step of the search process, earning respect as their trusted advisor as well, and this skilled and insightful approach maximises the chances of success for the client closing the individual they feel is best suited to performing the role.
At the end of every search we conduct both client and candidate satisfaction surveys, and the lessons we learn from each assignment help us to continually improve the quality of our service.
We follow up with both the client and candidate at regular intervals to check on performance and fit, and ensure that expectations have been met or exceeded by both parties.  The continuing bond with clients and candidates enhances the prospects and benefits of an enduring business partnership.

Excelsior's Service Levels

Search is a highly effective recruitment methodology traditionally used for senior level roles, but it is no longer the exclusive domain of senior management appointments.  Due to the competitive nature of the financial services industry where demand exceeds supply for high quality individuals, Excelsior also recommends search as the most effective way for seeking out the best possible talent at middle income roles and for specialist skill-sets. At Excelsior we apply the same rigorous search processes and standards of excellence at all levels of assignment.
As FinTech search specialists we believe in simplicity with results which is why we offer our clients one straight forward, comprehensive and pro-active search based solution.  Each search is bespoke and designed to fulfill a clients’ specific needs, and can be supplied on either of the following two service levels:
The Exclusive service provides Excelsior's clients with the very highest levels of commitment and search effort in order to guarantee delivery of a high quality candidate short list, within an agreed period of time.
We recommend this service when:
  • Hiring for senior and mid-level management positions
  • Existing recruitment methods are not finding candidates with the right specialist skills, or of 
        the appropriate quality for your business.
  • The hiring need is time critical and urgent in nature, thus requiring a pro-active solution that
        provides the most assurance of success.
When conducting assignments at the Exclusive service level, our Consultants’ are fully committed to delivery and applicaton of our rigorous six stage process in order to exceed our clients’ expectations.  In order to gain this level of commitment from Excelsior we look for mutual commitment from our client, and as is industry standard that is in the form of exclusivity.
Clients usually select this option when the hiring need for a particular profile is not time critical or urgent in nature (i.e. the company doesn’t need to be guaranteed delivery of suitable candidates within an agreed time frame).
When we accept an assignment at this service level, we will use the consultancy time we allocate wisely in order for us to achieve a return on our time invested.  We will apply the principles our 6 stage search process, but because the client commitment is lower this service doesn’t allow us to commit as much consultancy time as we would like to, and we’re not in a position to guarantee delivery of a full short list within a defined time period. 
Excelsior is also able to provide a Recruitment Process Outsourcing service. This is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where a client transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to Excelsior. This service allows clients to focus on their core business, and devolve recruitment responsibility to a trusted recruitment partner, Excelsior.

RPO differs greatly from contingent or exclusive search, in that Excelsior assumes ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and the responsibility of results.

This service is designed to deliver longer term cost savings for our clients

Benefit's of Pro-active Search

The main benefits of using search as a recruitment solution are as follows:
You will get candidates most suited for your company, based on your needs; this is a tailored solution approach to match background, experience, competencies and achievements.
The candidates will be motivated by your opportunity, so as they tend not to be ‘shopping around’, there is a greater chance of bringing the matter to a successful conclusion.
You will be presented with a short list of fully qualified candidates from whom to choose between, saving yourselves valuable management time in the selection process.
A search elevates the position in the eyes of the candidate.
Ultimately you are using a pro-active method to fill positions rather than waiting for candidates to come to you, aswell as filling these positions on time and with high calibre individuals.
To learn why Excelsior should be your Executive Search Partner click here

Benefit's of Exclusivity

As the most effective method of recruitment search is a very power tool, but search conducted properly commits billable consultancy time on behalf of a client.  This is why search companies require reciprocal commitment from their clients in the form of exclusivity in order to earn a return on their time investment.
The benefits of exclusivity are:
A firm commitment to conduct a highly professional and effective search campaign which guarantees delivery of a targeted short list of high calibre individuals meeting your individual needs          
A short list will be presented within an agreed timeframe, thus assuring you of a selection of individuals when you need them, rather than you waiting indefinitely for appropriate candidates from several recruitment companies on a contingency basis
You’ll save valuable management time, working to one company rather than many, to give in depth briefings, manage the interview process and feedback, and only having to interview one     highly targeted selection list of candidates
For senior roles it is expected that companies engage a search firm, so it may raise doubts about your seriousness and commitment to making the hire if you don't
It elevates the importance of the positions, and you are viewed more professionally by committing to and engaging the services of a specialist search consultancy, and it can look quite desperate if you don’t.  In fact many market professional will not even enter discussions if they learn there is no exclusive remit, which can in turn limit your target base as well.
Within this niche market, using only one trusted firm means confidentiality and discretion will be maintained, both within your company and to the outside market.
Candidates will be presented exclusively to you.
We offer value added services and general market commentary or advice to assist you in your future hiring plans free of charge.