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  1. fintech recruitment, hiring, executive search
    10 Apr, 2019
    Finding the right candidates: are you sniping, or simply spraying and praying?
    When it comes to hiring, are you sure you’re getting to see the best candidates the whole market can offer you, or are you limiting your options to just the active 30%?
  2. executive search, hiring, recruitment
    27 Feb, 2019
    The true personal cost of mis-hires for executives.
    There are of course implications for getting a hire wrong, but there are much greater personal consequences for hiring managers that many don’t take into consideration.
  3. FinTech Careers, Excelsior Search Webinar
    13 Feb, 2019
    CFA Institute FinTech Careers Webinar.
    Panelists Shawn Rutter, Managing Director at Excelsior Search, and Justin Zhen, Co-founder of Thinknum discuss opportunities for investment professionals in fintech. This webcast provides perspectives and insights into the current fintech ecosystem, including what it takes to transition to, and succeed as, investment professionals in fintech careers.  Click here to access the recorded webcast in the CFA Institute Career Center. Shawn Rutter is the Founder of Excelsior Search, a


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